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Collaboration with MikroTik Academy

Collaboration with MikroTik Academy

Technological University (Monywa) will colloborate with MikroTik Academy to open MikroTik Educational Class.

TU(Monywa) have two MikroTik Academy Trainers. They are Dr. Aye Aye Myat and Daw Ni Ni Win, Lecturers from IT Department. Both Trainers are approved by MikroTik and MikroTik Appointed Coordinator, U Sithu Aung, AGB Communication and has following MikroTik Certificattions – MTCNA (at least one of the MikroTik Engineer level certificates) and MTCRE.

  • What is a MikroTik Educational class?

A MikroTik Educational class is a general data networking course, specific MikroTik educational program covering MikroTik MTCNA certification online.


  • Who can attend MikroTik Educational Class?

MikroTik Educational classes are meant only for educational institutions’ students who are interested in learning routing and management of wired and wireless networks using MikroTik RouterOS.

Students who have registered for any of academic programs of TU (Monywa) can sign up for the MikroTik Educational class.

We will announce the opening date of this class soon!